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Overview Overview

Masrouji Group was founded in 1959 in Jerusalem, Palestine. Over the past six decades, Masrouji Group has evolved as of the leading suppliers of pharmaceuticals, consumer health, FMCGs, beauty & baby care items across the MENA region. 


We have grown to become one of the leading trading and investment companies in Palestine and across the entire MENA region. With our wealth of industry experience, established network and entrepreneurial foresight, we are well positioned to seize new opportunities in the growing and emerging business sectors of the region.

Our Mission Our Mission

We strive to provide the highest quality and most effective products to meet the health & wellness needs of all individuals. Intensive research & development has and continues to be one of the major building blocks to our company's success. We are committed to identifying the most optimal business opportunities and dedicated to the expansion of our network, services & product range.

Our Vision Our Vision

Our vision is to be a worldwide leading company and a significant global player by providing unique solutions to meet the dynamic needs of all our clients.

Our History Our History

  1. 1959 1959

    Founded in Jerusalem, Palestine

  2. 1969 1969

    Established in Ramallah, Palestine

  3. 1997 1997

    Established in Ramallah, Palestine

  4. 2002 2002

    Established in Jerusalem, Palestine

  5. 2006 2006

    Established in Amman, Jordan

  6. 2006 2006

    Acquired by Masrouji Group

  7. 2007 2007

    Established in Amman, Jordan

  8. 2008 2008

    Acquired by Masrouji Group

  9. 2010 2010

    Acquired by Masrouji Group

  10. 2014 2014

    Established in Dubai, UAE

  11. 2017 2017

    Acquired by Masrouji Group

  12. 2023 2023

    Amreet Trading Acquired by Masrouji Group

  13. Amreet Trading Acquired by Masrouji Group

  14. Amreet Trading Acquired by Masrouji Group

Social Responsibility Social Responsibility

We are committed to promoting the well-being of society and the environment through transparent and ethical behavior. On both a local and regional level, we proudly serve as active members and support various foundations & organizations committed to the advancement of our communities.

Board Members Board Members

Dr. Mohammad Masrouji

Dr. Iyad Masrouji

Dr. Haytham Masrouji

Group CEO

Mrs. Reem Masrouji

Mrs. Ruba Masrouji