Masrouji Balsam

Specialized in the marketing and selling of personal and domestic care products that are imported from abroad or manufactured locally in Balsam factory

About Masrouji Balsam

We work in a challenging context but we are always confident and optimistic that our collective efforts as a team and the continuous support we provide to our community will lead us to achieve our objectives in building sustainable and independent economy” Mr. Haytham Masrouji Chairman of Board of Directors

Masrouji Balsam “Baity” was established in 2016 in the city of Ramallah and is one of Masrouji Group companies. It is specialized in the marketing and selling of personal and domestic care products that are imported from abroad or manufactured locally in Balsam factory. The company always work on satisfying the needs of its customers: public and private sectors with the supply of personal care products, cleaning products and hygiene kits in addition to different international food & Non-food products.

Principles of our company:
1) Supply and provide variety products with high quality
2) Meet and satisfy the needs of customers with best quality and competitive prices for products
3) Build a solid partnership and business relationship with our suppliers
4) Commit to social responsibility towards our Palestinian community and invest efforts and resources to serve and contribute to the development of our country

Product Range:
1) Personal care products: Hair care, hand and body creams, tooth paste and perfumes
2) Public areas and domestic cleaning products: liquid soap, hygiene products, floor and glass cleaning materials and degreaser and anti-mold materials
3) Food products: Milk, tea and juices

Target Markets:
Our company targets the following markets through marketing and selling our quality products according to approved international specifications.
1) Local markets: Hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies, trader shops, companies and factories.
2) Regional markets: Distribution companies and dealers.
3) Export Markets for all our Manufacture products.
Masrouji Balsam

Import Division
Rauch Fruchtsafte Gmb H&Co. OG - Austria
MJF Dilma Teas - Sri Lanka
Regilait S.A.S - France
Evyap - Turkey
Dabur Amla - UAE
Manufacturing Division
Baity - Palestine
Best - Palestine
Man - Palestine
Alco gel - Palestine
Pure - Palestine
Flyex - Palestine
Storm - Palestine

Our activities

  • Manufacturer
  • Sole Agents - Importers and Distributors

Contact us

  • Masrouji Balsam
  • Masrouji Company LTD. 3, Almadaen Street Ramallah – West Bank – Palestine P.O.Box 3608 Tel: +972 2 2957157 Fax: +972 2 2989331
  • Email: [email protected]
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