Al Barq

Established in 1996 in Ramallah, Palestine, Al Barq operates as a distribution and logistics services company. Quickly with time, Al Barq became recognized as a leading provider of distribution and logistics services throughout Palestine. This success is attributed to Al Barq’s unparalleled services and solutions, fostering customer confidence and satisfaction.


Today, Al Barq provides transportation from and to all borders, commercial crossings, ports & airports throughout the territory (including King Hussein Bridge, port of Ashdod, port of Haifa & Gaza strip crossings).


    Barook Sohau Koparu Folive Zession


Transportation, Distribution & Collection Services
International Mail Service
Service Screening and Classification
Partial Storage Service
Shipping Service (Cargo)

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Al Barq Company
Industrial Zone, Beitunia
Ramallah, Palestine

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