Masrouji Balsam

Masrouji Balsam, established in 2016 in Ramallah, Palestine, specializes in the FMCG sector. The company operates a dedicated manufacturing facility in Ramallah, focusing on the production of personal care, cleaning and hygiene products for the Palestinian market. Additionally, Masrouji Balsam imports a diverse range of international multinational brands, such as Rauch and Regilait, providing customers with a comprehensive selection of products.


Masrouji Balsam’s main customer base includes supermarkets, HORECA and pharmacies. Our aim is to deliver high-quality items to the Palestine market and are committed to fostering long-term partnerships. 


    Alco gel Rauch Fruchtsafte Gmb H&Co. OG Best MJF Dilma Teas Pure Regilait S.A.S Man Active Sunscreen Cream Mas Baby Duru

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